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Thread: What's the coolest gig you've ever played?

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    Whether it be crowd size, venue, or just a cool vibe, what would you say is the coolest gig you've ever done? Mine would have to be this gig that stands out from childhood where we were playing a campground in the woods in cold weather. We were up on this wooden stage and there were white lights around the dance floor. I remember people dancing the two step. Everyone was really happy. There was that campfire smell in the air. I was only about 14 or 15 years old. This girl liked me and we were flirting a bit. It wasn't the biggest gig I ever played but I'd have to say it was the coolest. Such a wonderful memory, the whole scene, the vibe... an exhilarating feeling that is forever etched in my memory.

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    I would have to say the coolest gig I've played is back in 1982, when my band The Nubs opened for British punk recording artists 999. The way we got the gig was kinda funny. The promoter posted an ad looking for opening acts and we answered. Without seeing or hearing us he hired us for the show, which was at a large club here on Long Island. He mistakenly thought we would be providing sound and lights, in fact he kicked another recording act, The RockCats, off the bill for us based on that. By the time we explained to him that we didn't have a rig big enough for that venue it was too late to change the bill, and he had to rent. We didn't get paid, but the hired sound and lights were great. We did one set of our best material, and we brought a crowd and went over better than the headliner. In fact we overheard 999 complaining that the opener was a cover act.
    I almost had a similar gig just last year when the same band, reunited with all 4 original members, was asked to fill in at the last minute on a bill that included original 80's bands When in Rome and Bow Wow Wow. Unfortunately, it was not enough advance notice and one of our members who was in Nashville at the time couldn't get a flight.

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    Default Re: What's the coolest gig you've ever played?

    Pretty much anything outdoors.. but one 4th of July early 90's on a flatbed trailor at a block party was fun.. i remember getting my stuff set up down the street and putting it in the back of a pickup .. we were going on 3rd i think .. the guy driving (the bass player) made a sharp turn when we got to the trailor and one of my cymbal stands went flyin out of the truck onto the pavement..

    It was fun though playing hard rock in hot daytime temps on this trailor with beer and bikini clad girls walking around..
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