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    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mark and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a "semi-senior" citizen of 61, and started playing again a couple of years ago after about a 37 year hiatus. I play for fun, recreation and therapy. Regarding the "therapy" reason, I am a US Army vet of 13 years as a combat medic. Playing helps with my PTSD and the ubiquitous emotional garbage that comes with it. Currently I have a Yamaha Stage Custom, (Honey Amber), Sabian XSR cymbals, DW hardware except for the foot pedal which is a Yamaha FP9C. I also have and a use a Yamaha EAD10 which I love.

    I would like to throw a question out to you all if I may. I'm at the point where I would like to record videos of my amazing "wedding band drummer" skill set. This is what I have at my disposal regarding tech; the EAD10, 7th gen iPad, Acer laptop, a Go-Pro wannabe camera. and my iPhone 7 Plus. At 61 I am fairly adept with technology, to a degree. What I would like to know is given what I have listed for tech, what would be the easiest way to record a decent sounding video. I'm thinking of using Garage Band, plugging the EAD10 into that and do a separate video recording with the camera, download into Garage Band and edit from there. I tried the Yamaha Rec n Share app, but for some reason, even though all my music came from iTunes originally, a good 70% could not be accessed. If anyone has any thoughts, guidance, suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.....

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    Hello and welcome. There are a few folks on here that will be able to answer your question (I am not one of them ).

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    Welcome to the forum! I just use my iPhone to record anything that I do!
    Six piece Mapex Orion Classic, Six piece Mapex Armory, Mapex Black Panther Blade and Mapex Exterminator drums, Sabian AAX cymbals

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