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    I’ve found this today at a good $50 price not to pass up. It’s a Sound Percussion kit. Someone stuck a Mapex sticker on the bass drum and had the batter head on the wrong side. It has a 10” tom, 14” floor tom, 14” snare, 18” bass drum, some stock cymbals, snare stand, cymbal stand, hi hat and bass pedal. I’ll be cleaning this up soon.
    The tom and snare are 6 lug. Floor tom and bass drum are 8 lug.


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    Can't walk by that for only $50.00. Great find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderstruck View Post
    Can't walk by that for only $50.00. Great find.
    Thank you thunderstruck!
    The sizes weren’t listed by the seller so it was a surprise seeing it was a bop sized kit.

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