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Thread: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

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    Default 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    I was looking at buying a Mapex Armory drumkit, but im having some doubts about that huge bassdrum which is 22x20, isnt that just too large ?
    I mean the size for playing live etc, maybe im wrong :D

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    Default Re: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    Welcome to Drum Chat Jondi. It depends on the sound you want. If you want a big sound then buy big drums. It also depends on the venues you're going to be playing. If your band plays as lot of small rooms, these drums might over power them. But if you're playing larger, rock clubs, you should be OK. Lastly, you need to make sure you want to haul around drums that big (assuming you're out gigging). They can take up quite a bit of room in your vehicle.
    - Tom

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    Default Re: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    I have a 20x20 kick and let me tell you those 2" extra inches in depth make a difference on a small stage!
    That being said though, I love how powerful it is.

    Now a 22x20 would be a BEAST! I'd love to hear that myself. But for what I play and how I play I feel that would be too deep for me.
    At that point it may be to big and boomy sounding and looses a lot of punch that I like.

    What do you guys normally play?
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    Default Re: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    Yeah that s what i thought, i think 22"x18" would be the max size i would dare to buy.
    I have got a Yamaha recording custom with a 22"x14" now so this is a big step in bassdrum size for me :-D

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    Default Re: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    All my kick drums are 22" diameter and 3 of them are 18" deep, one is 16" and I had one cut down from 18 to 14" depth. I agree with Zack that the 20 and deeper kicks would likely have less punch. Besides sound preference, the space taken up on stage and in the car makes a big difference even if it's a few inches. If I were to get another kit I would look for a 20x16 kick.

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    Default Re: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    All but 2 of my drumsets have/had 24'X14" BD's. They have done the job regardless of the size of the venue.





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    Default Re: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    I have heard (and discussed) an argument from a leading American custom drum manufacturer that there is a physical/acoustic limit to the "good" sound one receives when the reso head gets too far from the batter.
    WHERE that limit exists is an arguable point of opinion to the listener/drummer.

    But, I agree with Rick: the 24X14 has always worked for me in any venue or application; my 2nd choice would be 22X14.
    I have owned 2 bass drums at 22X18 and I see/hear no real advantage...……..the footprint is a disadvantage.
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    Default Re: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    I have a Ddrum Dios Maple 22x20 and it is a cannon! It sounds great. If the price is right and you like the Armory series I say say grab it. Unless you know that your gonna be playing on picnic tables somewhere haha

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    Default Re: 22x20 bassdrum too big ?

    22x14" is what I prefer. 22x16" works just fine too. Once I go any deeper, I don't like the response I get back from the batter head, it seems to have a lot of lag and I feel disconnected from the drum.

    My doubles always seem nice and tight with a 22x14", with a 22x18" they start to feel sloppy or at least not as articulate.

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