Hey guys,

I was ordering a few things from DFD the other day and I noticed they have their own unbranded heads for sale. I took a chance and ordered a snare head kit (Batter and reso) for about $12 SHIPPED!! Now, they don't have tons of choices; single and double-ply options, coated or uncoated. I put the heads I ordered on an Outlaw snare I got a couple of years ago, but never swapped out the old heads on. They aren't bad at all! Tuned up easy, sensitive and responsive. I think I would still prefer an Aquarian Hi-Velocity on top, but for the price, they were MORE than good. They have them in all the major sizes, so I thought I would just put in a shoutout for the DFD heads here. Give them a try. If nothing else, they would be a great option for re-heading a project kit you were trying to flip for profit. You could probably outfit a whole kit for about half what Evans or Remos would run you. Anybody else have any experience with these no-names from DFD?