When I was a younger, I was drawn to drum licks and solos like most everyone else at that age. The more licks and fills and chops and stick twirls, the more I had huge stars in my eyes, glaring in amazement and wanting to be them one day. Early on it was Elvis's drummer, Ron Tutt, with those gigantic fills going down the huge set of toms. Elvis would look at him and swing his arm in swirls (the concert my dad took me too) as if to wind him up. It was exhilarating to watch! That's when I started to get the bug. Then there was Nigel Olsen, with Elton John and Tris Imboden with Kenny Loggins. Such amazing, creative fills! Then more BIG drums with "In the Air Tonight" (Phil Collins). And who could not forget everything Neil Peart ever played with Rush? Wow!

My earliest memory of a drum solo was Wipeout. I was playing in clubs at a very young age and it seemed like a night didn't go by where we wouldn't get a request for it. Back then I loved the song and the challenge to play it well. Later of course, it became a dread, as with most drummers.

Do you have a favorite drummer as far as their fills or solos go?