I was listening to all sorts of crashes, rides hats on line as I wanted to get the best cymbals to my ear and was not going to worry about getting a matched set. I narrowed down my search to Istanbul Agop Paper thin crashes, Zildjian K Heavy Ride, and Paiste 602 hats. I then went to my favorite local drum store which just happens to be the best on planet as well and spent almost an hour trying numerous cymbals. I then started comparing everything to Sabian HHX legacy cymbals that were on display and was very impressed. To my ear they were everything I wanted. And the price was much much cheaper had I bought seperately all the cymbals I was looking at from listening to video's on line.

I will tell you that in person all of these cymbals are perfect for me, man the crashes are so tasty, The hats are what I have been looking for in hats for a very very long time and the Ride is just perfect. 1st ride I have had where I can easily hear and play multiple dynamic differences. I have had a set of brilliant HHX cymbals in the past and while they were very nice they ultimately were not what I was really looking for. These Sabiam HHX Legacy's are the real deal folks. Have not played out with them yet but am really looking forward to it. Life is good!