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    Just got an email advertising the sale of this book and it is already sold out??
    Ludwig Classic Maple 22x16,10x8,12x9,16x16
    7" Moon Gel Practice Pad
    Sabian HHX Legacy

    Decide whether this is love for the craft or simply an ego thing NOT MY BAND, JUST A GREAT LOCAL BAND WHO SHOULD BE SOOO MUCH BIGGER IMO

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    MDK, yes. I talked to the owner. They've been running these incredible deals on older stock lately but because the prices are so low, people are buying them up fast. The newsletter usually comes out in the morning (usually once a week or every couple of weeks). Best bet is to open them as early as you can to beat the crowd.

    For anyone that wants to get on the list for these crazy deals, here's the link:
    I've picked up a few things myself as they're just too good to pass up.

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