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Thread: DW Lug Hardware Numbers?

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    Can someone educate me on why all the lugs on my PDP FS Series kit have different lug numbers on them? I'm assuming they are all the same, but I just want to check.

    I have photos, but I guess since that this is my first post, I can not share them with you.

    Inside the lug, when you remove the black plastic back, there are letters and numbers:
    DW-CB T-1
    DW-CB T-2
    DW-CB T-3
    DW-CB T-4

    They look identical to me, so why the different numbers? Oh, and by the way, all of the crud is from living in Hawaii for 30 years. It's amazing how fast the salt air will corrode all your hardware!!


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    I'll take a wild stab at the numbers. My guess is most lugs are "MIM" or "metal injection molding". I had a career in plastic injection molding and those might be cavity designations in the mold they are made from. It could easily be there's one 4 cavity mold, or the "T" represents one of the 4 cavity molds from which they are made.
    Just a guess but a vaguely educated one.

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    hmmm never looked inside my lugs when having them off.
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