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Thread: What steps are you taking?

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    For those who are playing, regardless if it is local or out on tour, how are you and your band handling everything with Covid?

    We are playing a few local shows right now in preparation to hit the road early next month, and this has been a big discussion we are having.

    We are all vaccinated. Iím a type one diabetic so I wear a mask, not always, but when Iím in crowds, stores, etc more especially.

    One thing we have discussed is limiting contact with fans as much as possible. The guy I play for has won some awards as an independent artist, so some places want him to sign autographs, set up merchandise tables, etc.

    While the merchandise table certainly helps bring more money, is that something we want to do right now? Thatís the question. At the end of the day itís about working to make money, but also working to keep ourselves safe.

    What steps are you all taking as you go out and play?
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    So sorry DrumWhipper but this is a "Hot Button" topic.

    Political, Religious or other "Hot Button" Posts:
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