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Thread: Union drums?????????

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    Default Union drums?????????

    Someone is selling Union drums near me. They are not the Jr. set. The bass is 22". They are birch with a lacquer finish. Color is tabbaco fade. 5 piece set with a set of wuhan cymbals and 4 stands are $300. Set is one year old. What do you think? Has anyone ever played a set like this? I've never heard of union drums and can't seem to find much info on the web. Thanks

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    Default whats in a name?

    Never heard of Union but, a quick internet search turned up results that say they are an "affordable" set. The name or manufacturer is a good indication of the quality but it shold never be the main reason to by their drums. All of the big names like Pearl, Tama, Yamaha & DW make many different "lines" (quality levels) of models of drum equipment from the student grade to the Pro grade. I think the most important thing is "do you like them"? If you don't know enough about equipment to make an informed decision, keep asking people for help. If your a beginner, look for equipment that has sturdy hardware, many cheap sets do not use good quality parts like bass drum legs or Tom mounts. What I did when I was starting was played and looked at the most expensive drums and how they were made(at the time it was Slingerland, Ludwig, Gretch, Rogers etc) then went with something I could afford that was comparable. I still have those drums and there over 30 years old! Also, I highly recommend playing an instrument before you buy it, since these are local to you, thats an advantage, buying something site unseen on the internet is risky especially if your a beginner.
    Lots of great deals on eBay, but you got to know what your buying. Usually I've had good luck with a name brand in new or good used condition. You should do a searh on eBay and see what similar sets are selling for and that may help you decide if $300 is a fair price! Good Luck !

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    Thanks ThunderMaker I'm going to play them on Friday. Someone on a different thread was aksing about different wood types, a least now a have an idea what's going on and I'm going to stop in some shops near me and start asking more questions.

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