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Thread: Picked up 2 new Sabian XSRs

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    Default Picked up 2 new Sabian XSRs

    Drove out to a store to snatch up two new cymbals.

    20" XSR Fast Crash and a 10" XSR Splash.

    going to do some rearranging on the Pork Pie kit but thats where these are going !
    Now i have the 16", 17", 18" and 20" Crashes.

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    Default Re: Picked up 2 new Sabian XSRs

    Enjoy those nice new cymbals! Peace and goodwill
    Mark Wellman - drummer for Jesus; Mapex MPX snare, Mapex Armory Sabre snare, Mapex Saturn bass drum and toms / Sabian AAX, AA, SR2, XS20 / Evans / LA Backbeat

    Church Drummer's Army

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