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Thread: Got a killer deal on a new snare

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    Default Got a killer deal on a new snare

    So my oldest starts middle school next year and we went to a "classroom orientation" thing tonight. Walk into the band room and I see 4 busted old snare drums on the floor on the other side of the room. Then I immediately notice that 2 of them are Ludwigs. An Acrolite and a Super Sensitive. I go check them out and the band director makes a joke about it being a snare drum graveyard. I ask if they re planning on getting them fixed and she says they dug them out of a closet to make some room and weren't really sure what to do with them since they are all broken in some way or another. I tell her that I will fix 3 of them up, new heads and replace missing/broken parts, if I can have the Super Sensitive and she agrees.

    It is an early 80's Monroe, NC keystone badge that was early enough to still get one of the "LudAloy" stickers on the inside of the shell that they used in the 70's and put in some early 80' drums after the move to Monroe, until they ran out. The Entire strainer mechanism only needs two $5.00 parts to make it fully functional.

    I'm looking at $75 and some change to get the other three drums in working order, so I basically snagged a fairly rare, 4-5 hundred dollar snare for less than 100 bucks and a couple hours of my time!

    Pics in this thread, coming soon.
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    Ah the gear find warm and fuzzies.

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    Default Re: Got a killer deal on a new snare

    Nice! I love it when that happens! Can't wait to see the pictures.

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    Nice, snare like that should be restored and played not sitting in some closet collecting dust...
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