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Thread: Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare side

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    Default Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare side

    First time trying out the EC Reverse Dot batter head with a 500 snare side head from Evans. Typically I always play the Genera Dry or the HD Dry with a 300. So far I love the different ranges and sound. I just threw this video together quick of some different tuning options. Let me know what you think and what heads do you use?!

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    Default Re: Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare side


    For me, snare heads are nearly always Remo Coated Ambassador batter with hazy downstairs.

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    Default Re: Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare side

    I've never warmed up to the EC reverse dot heads. They sound too doh-ing gongy to me.

    You should edit the video to just show the hitting of the snare with each tune. By the time you play a bunch, the effect of the other tunes is forgotten, at least in my experience.

    I will say the super high tuning sounded best with that top head, IMHO.
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    Default Re: Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare side

    I agree with Bish, super tight sounds best.

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