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    This is very sad news indeed....a big inspiration.
    One of 16 times I saw YES, I was present at the Dallas concert (1972) where Alan made his debut.
    I had no idea it was his first night until I saw an interview a year later.
    I always hated to hear any fan suggest that Alan could never fill Bruford's shoes; although I too am a huge fan of BB, I would always suggest that as soon as they mastered all three songs on RELAYER to come back and tell me how inferior he was (ever try to conquer SOUND CHASER ?)
    For one of my recitals at music school, I played the drum part to the entire composition of THE REVEALING SCIENCE OF GOD.....not the most difficult YES song by any means but such a beautiful piece to learn and play.
    RIP Alan White
    Gretsch USA & Zildjian
    (What Else Would I Ever Need ?)

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    wow, rip Alan White.

    he had a unique snare sound that fit the band so well
    UFiP TAMAHA Zildjian

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