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    Just bought a set of these hoping they would be like the Alpha's. I just jumped straight in thinking PST-8's were the top of the range PST series. This isn't the case of course. Very happy with the hi hats and ride...but not sure on the crash cymbals. I am not a heavy crash hitter nor does it suit the music I play. Am thinking now probably should have got the 5's or 7's....closer to 2002 feel. The crashes sound a bit gong "ish" to me (for want of a better word), but of course they may sound different out the front and definitely sound better when struck harder. Anyone have a set have any thoughts?

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    I don't have a set but cymbals are very subjective and everyone hears things a bit different. I understand the "gongy" sound you describe. I tend to prefer more of a bright splashy sound to my crashes. Unless you can ear test them first, it's very hard to get exactly what you hear in your mind. The search is very real and half the fun if you can afford the journey. Good luck.
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    I haven't played/heard them but Paiste cymbals always sounded tinty to me so I never really go near them. I really should stay open as brands often diversify quite a bit as time passes.

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    I like the PST 8 range. I'd say your spot on with your assessment.

    The crash is the slightly diminished in sound? Well, that's subjective.
    I like them.

    I have a full set of PST 7 in Universal flavour. Thought I'd like them, but I played them and they did NOT gel with me at all when I played them Admittedly I have not played them since that 1 and only gig.

    Check out this guy's older YouTube covers. He has a PST 8 set that sounds great.

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