I started assembling a Roland ekit from the PD-85 pads I was using as external triggers to my SPD-SX. I added a PD-125, KD-9 kick trigger, VH-10 hats and a couple of CY-8 cymbals. For a while I was using a combination of the SPD-SX and my Yamaha DTX-500 for the module until I pulled the trigger on a TD-27 module. It took 6 weeks to arrive, but it's been worth the wait to say the least! Despite what I've read, I love the sound of the built-in kits on this module! I did spring for a pack of kits to install which sound like Bonham, Copeland, Tre Cool and Chad Smith and they are awesome as well. Just added 2 Lemon cymbals, a 15 ride/crash and an 18 ride. They are great, especially at 1/4 the price of Roland and others. Can't wait to gig with this thing in about a week!
Roland TD-27-1.jpg