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Thread: Thoroughly confused about used e-kit purchase

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    Default Thoroughly confused about used e-kit purchase

    Greets all,

    I have been looking for a used kit for some time. I am not a drummer nor do I want to play one on tv.
    I do want to get some fundamentals to help me understand some and play some so I can do my own demos
    with a better sound and feel than just programming them. I find programming drums to give mostly unsatisfying results
    and tapping in with a controller is not much better.

    However there are just a dizzying amount of choices out there it seems, so I would ask for your suggestions
    for something $1500 and under for a quality used kit. My sweet spot would be around $1000, though I would spend more
    for a great deal on a quality set.

    Currently I am looking a used Yamaha DTX6K at $1450. It's not labeled DTX6K2 or even DTX6K-X. So i am also confused with all the different
    revision model names, as if the multitude of kits were not enough to make your head swim.

    Anyways, thanks for the suggestions if you have, and please make some comment about a good used price for the kit you would think
    appropriate .

    Cheers !

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    Default Re: Thoroughly confused about used e-kit purchase

    This guy is the most informative person re: E-kits on the net. watch this and he should answer most of your questions, plus if there is a specific kit your looking at he has probably reviewed it and will give you the lowdown on it.
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    Default Re: Thoroughly confused about used e-kit purchase

    That was a good video for possibly clearing up some beliefs, like the "Silent" description.

    Now with all that said if you are still looking for a decent E-kit, I'm going say it again like I've said it before, listen to the samples that come with some of the E-kits. Some have good usable ones and some are just novelty "play" samples that are useless. The brain is going to be your biggest factor in enjoying the sounds it offers. The pads will be your gateway to enjoying the feel of a kit or hating it. That comes with experience and if you want to remember only one thing about E-kits....they are not made to bash like some players do with acoustic kits.
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    Default Re: Thoroughly confused about used e-kit purchase

    I have the Alesis DM10 6pc and no complaints, if asked to think of anything, I'd say the pads are kind of hard. I'm no electronic whiz so whether there's better stuff out there I don't know. Some sets claim to be ''the'' best, but I really haven't played enough different ones. Companies may claim to have the most realistic feeling pads, but they are what they are, e-kits.


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