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Thread: Don't Stop Believin'

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    Cool Don't Stop Believin'

    Hey gang, I had an assignment at work to do something creative with our new motion control devices for videomaking and photography with smartphones.
    Its been ages since I made a drum video and thought this was a great opportunity to make one AND get cred with the boss...

    I will say, editing multi-camera drum covers is a lot of darn work and I struggled with keeping the audio and video in sync with each other.

    Its not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it. Also I learned not to choose songs with a long drumless intro. So awkward just sitting there on camera doing nothing. LMAO!
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    What are you using for editing?

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    Sounds good Kevin.Did you set up any searches for that other tom?

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    I like the video, nice playing and you have a top of the line drum kit.

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