I posted this for another member but thought it might get more traction in the help section:

This is how I manage uploads and assumes a computer with files locally are accessible. I am also using Chrome as my browser and popup blocking is turned off.

Down and dirty and somewhat ugly. lol

Go Advanced from any page where you plan to post a thread.

Scroll down to Manage Attachments and click the button

Top of the popup box upper right click Add Files

Click Choose File box

Drill into your computer (hopefully) and select the file you want to share

Click Upload and the file will show in the bottom of the popup. Here you can add multiple files keeping in mind when the drop into the post they will be side by side. *See note.

Once you've chosen the file(s) to upload click Insert Inline at the bottom right of the pop up box.

Attachment 17925

Then click Done or repeat to add another picture.

*Note: you will see each file as [ ATTACH]'file name'[/ATTACH]. Each set should be on a separate line to make your pictures easier to see.

Before you post you can use the Preview Post button to see how every thing lines up before posting, if you are anything like I am. lol

When satisfied click Submit Reply or Post whichever it may be.