is your destination for custom drumsticks.

Looking for drumsticks with your name on them? How about your band's name? At Foxy Drummer, we specialize in custom drumsticks with many options to choose from:

  • Custom Text / Signatures
  • Embossing - 4 colors
  • Full Color, 360 Custom Imprinting
  • Full Color, Pad printing
  • Imprinted Colored Drumsticks
  • Custom Engraved Drumsticks
  • Custom Sticks to Spec.

It isn't like the old days where the only hope of getting your custom artwork printed on drumsticks ended up in something black and white and somewhat unimpressive. We now have the capability to design drumsticks that pop! We're talking full color and dressed to impress!

Foxy Drummer specializes in custom drumsticks and we're out to help you market your name, band, or company on sticks that you can be proud of.


1.) You're a really good drummer and your band has gotten popular. You like to throw drumsticks out to your fans but you don't like to use your expensive sticks. We have a program that allows you to get inexpensive drumsticks customized with your name. You can keep them in your stickbag to throw out so you don't have to use your expensive sticks.

2.) Your band is smart enough to know that having a merch table creates another income stream. You have T-shirts and hats but want to add more options. Custom drumsticks are a sure fire winner. Fans love drumsticks and the ability to own a pair of sticks with your band name or logo on them will leave them proud.

3.) You're a event promoter and looking for a unique marketing idea to 'drum up business'. Incorporating a drumming theme and custom sticks to market your event adds the 'fun' element and allows for more engagement. The sky is the limit!

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