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    I've read and am reading a few Books about famous Drummers.

    1) Sex, Drums and Rock & Roll - Kenny Aronoff ;
    2) The Life of John Bonham (waiting to read it as a Xmas gift)
    3) From Headstocks to Woodstock - Ric Lee drummer for Ten Years After.

    These guys came from very Humble beginnings. As an anecdote, Ten Years After was my favorite band since I first saw them in their Performance at Woodstock (for me it was the Movie in 1970) at 18-19 yo. There was an account posted online from a Newspaper circa 1967 when Ten Years After was performing at a local British Club with other bands present including the members of Led Zepplin. The story goes that Bonham was "toasted" sitting at the Bar and watched Alvin Lee performing. Suddenly, Bonham threw a full glass of OJ at Alvin and his guitar. He said later that he was Jealous at how fast Alvin was on his Gibson Guitar and that would show up Jimmy Page and wanted to Slow Him Down.

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    I have the book Moon about Kieth Moon. It is pretty good as you can imagine. It's supposed to be the most in depth book about him and his career. There is at least one other one about him "Full Moon" I think it's called, but the writer of Moon, Tony Fletcher, dug in deep to get the most accurate accounts from people that were there about what was really happening in his life.
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    THX. I will look into that!

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    Phil Collins, "I'm not dead yet" ... talks about his times with BrandX, Genesis, and of course his solo career. He also goes into his struggles with alcoholism, etc. Great read!

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