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    Hi there looking for some heads recommendations for my Sq2s when they arrive sizes are 8 10 12 13 14 15 rack toms16in and 18 floor toms also 22 and 24 kick drums:boom
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    My guess is the heads that arrive with the shells are probably very good considering the level of kit you are going to have. Give them a go before you go all crazy with new heads. See what the mfg has supplied. Then you can see if that head combo works or you want to go with something different. Having a sound in your head is helpful but when it comes to the tones your drums will deliver, only you will know if you are satisfied.
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    Yes I will do that before I go mad with new heads im hoping there going to sound thunderous like they did before they got taken away from me its going to be a long waiting game which I didn't deserve

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