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Thread: Paiste PST-7 any insights? Opinions

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    I have always loved Paiste Cymbals and always regretted selling my 2002's. I bought a set of PST-8's which I thought were top of the line of the budget kits but as it turns out they are completely different to other PST series cymbals in a way I don't like. Be great for rock / hard rock. I play light rock, country etc.

    I have read the PST-7's will get you close to a 2002. Only one set available near me which is the "light" set (I am living in remote Thailand)
    Anyone have any first hand knowledge of this cymbal? I am looking for that nice crisp, tight 2002, not too in your face sound Aka Eagles
    The PST-8's were certainly a nice cymbal, not like jam jar lids like some of the other manufacturers budget kits.
    But just a bit too heavy / too much volume and projection for what I am doing

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    I don't have any first hand experience with PST-7s.

    But gut instinct tells me you won't be happy since you have the 2002's in your mind. You wouldn't be the first to repurchase a missed item you once owned. Sometimes it's not about the budget but getting the quality sound you deserve.

    I blew the bank on a set of Paiste Signature Cymbals at almost double what I was spending. But after a few days of the pleasure of listening to those cymbals, the price didn't matter. I had a sound I could enjoy not just endure.
    Signature here

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    Default Re: Paiste PST-7 any insights? Opinions

    Yes if you have the 2002s in mind get them the are much better than the PST 7s is like comparing chalk and cheese.

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    Default Re: Paiste PST-7 any insights? Opinions

    Dehhhhhhhhh may be 2002ssssss shake the world man they make you shiver with joy if ian Paice uses them there the bomb
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