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Thread: Which wire goes where on DM 10 Kit

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    Hi All,

    E Drum newbie here and this is my first post. I bought a used Alesis DM10 kit as an extra to my acoustic kit which is my first E-Kit ever. I didn't get the original owners manual so I'm having trouble
    connecting the components. I have cymbals playing toms and some not playing at all. I think i have some connected correctly as the inputs that are labeled snare, crash etc., I think are where they need to be as they are playing. On the module there are inputs labeled PERC and try as i might I can't find what they are for. Thanks in advance.

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    All Alesis manuals are free on Alesis's website.
    click on "downloads"

    If you've bought an ekit 2nd hand always start with a factory reset - page 2 on manual.

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