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Thread: Woodstock 1969 - 54 Years Ago August 15-18 with Nary a Mention Anywhere!

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    Default Woodstock 1969 - 54 Years Ago August 15-18 with Nary a Mention Anywhere!

    es, I'm an old -timer, approaching 72 Years old and remember well the hallmark of my Generation: Woodstock 1969. In 2019, when it was the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, there was a proper recognition of that Music & Arts Fair. You all know the story and history if not yourself, from your parents. I was not there physically in Bethel NY ( the last minute picked site for the event after Woodstock NY said No to the promoters some 6-8 weeks before), but definitely in Spirit as a 18 year old guy who was learning and playing Drums with Hs Buddies. I remember the banners flying over major roads in Forest Hills, Queens, NY & the ads in Rolling Stone and other papers - almost like yesterday. I was very familiar with many of the Bands and individual performers that were scheduled to perform: Jefferson Airplane, Ritchie Havens, Canned Heat, Mountain [the Loudest Band there] Janis Joplin, The Who, CSN, Ten Years After - my personal Favorite (IMHO "stole" the show with their Rendition of I'm Going Home [By Helicopter"], Jimi H., and heard for the first time Santana & Joe Cocker [How could anyone forget his Spastic performance of "With a Little Help From My Friends"] . And many more performers. No Frills, No Light Shows, No Blowing Smoke, - Just Raw Music performed. I Rushed to see the Woodstock Movie which came out about a year later.

    Since the 50th Anniversary, the celebration and recognition of this generational Event seems to be sailing Out to Sea. I Guess like the Old Timers !!

    If you haven't seen the Movie (which was re-produced and Re-mastered with add'l performances not included in the original Movie, do youself a favor and Watch it ! For those who do not know, the original site in Bethel, NY is still there as a Music Venue & Woodstock Museum. I brought my 16-year son and his friend to see a semi-Revival 1998 Woodstock Concert on that same August Weekend. We live nearby (about 1.5 hour drive away), so we went to Friday's program, missed Saturday and went back on Sunday. On the drive home Friday, my son turned to me and said: "Dad, This Was The Greatest Day of My LIfe!! . He was thrown around in the Mosh Pit in front of the Stage. Friday, we saw Ten Years After, Canned Heat, Bob Marley. Jr., and at end of the day Don Henley with Stevie Knicks. On Sunday, Joan Jett, Third Eye Blind, Green Day - more 90s bands. I saw Steely Dan & Steve Winwood there about 5 or 6 years ago. Guess What: The skies opened up just like 1969, delaying the concert for hours. Steve Winwood was Fantastic!!

    Next Year, God Willing, I hope to recognize 55 Years.

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    Default Re: Woodstock 1969 - 54 Years Ago August 15-18 with Nary a Mention Anywhere!

    Great write up. I'm a generation behind you, so to speak but yeah, this used to be mentioned a lot more than it is today. Those bands have sailed out to sea and soon to be lost past the horizon.

    I've never seen the Woodstock movie you mentioned. I'll have to check it out.

    By the way, I love Steve Winwood!!

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