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    I can't figure out why I am breaking snare drum lugs. I've never had this problem with any other snare drum. It is a TimeTech 13 x 7 maple snare. The lugs are a "popcorn" style lug that was used a lot in the 90's. The weird part is where the lug is breaking. The sleeve that goes through the shell....both sleeves are breaking off the lug. I wanted to post a pic here but I guess I need a URL but only have the pic's on my computer. I haven't paid attention to if it's the same spot breaking all the time but it is near the bottom where I strike. Has anyone else ever had a problem like this? I've probably broken 10 to 15 lugs! over close to 20 years on this drum.

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    Yeah, I had it happen with an old Yamaha snare I owned. I think it's just the nature of a substandard lug. I kept replacing them and they kept breaking. Might want to either replace with a different style of lug or just buy another snare.

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    Thanks for replying....were your lugs breaking in the same spot?....the problem with these lugs are the hole spacing is only 20mm apart and I can only find a couple different lugs like that.....such a shame because I love the snare's sound.

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    I've had lugs break before. The first time was back in the early 90's I was using this big CB700 snare lol, I had a better snare but at the time I was playing in this weird band and was looking for a new sound. It worked and actually recorded with it. Had a clear black dot on top. The cheap pot metal lugs on it broke multiple times.

    Other ones that I've had break were the Tama bowtie lugs, they would break right in the center and the other ones they used on the Granstar snares. They would crack on top where the tension rod goes in and eventually break. I still have one of the Granstar snares, but my main snares now are a Pearl brass free floater, and Yamaha copper

    good to see new content, welcome to the board.

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