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    This man died too young. F'ing cancer! ... Man, he was such a good guy, an amazing drummer, and gave so much to the drum community. Sad to see him go.


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    Wow sad to hear, I was able to attend one of his clinics in the 90's ... rip
    RDM/Damage Poets
    UFiP TAMAHA Zildjian

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    R.I.P., Dom.

    Mapex Sabian Ludwig Saluda Assorted Snare Drums

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    Quote Originally Posted by slinky View Post
    Wow sad to hear, I was able to attend one of his clinics in the 90's ... rip
    Same. I also saw him here and there at the NAMM show through the years.

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    These were among his last posts:

    The kindness and support shared with me during my challenge has been so inspiring and motivating for me to fight this cancer. I never underestimate the power of love.

    After 6 of my 12 chemo treatments, my Dr’s did a CT scan and found there was no sign of cancer…I am cancer free!

    I still have an uphill battle to gain the weight and strength I lost.

    The emotion you all shared has given me a strong desire to get better, hit the road to meet you all, and share more drumming adventures.

    Thanks to my SABIAN family – Andy’s motivating texts, Peter Stairs’ funny videos, and Stacey’s uplifting messages.
    To the Mapex team – Rick and Jeff’s kind heartwarming comments.
    To the Vater team – Alan and Chad’s inspiration.
    To the Remo team – Chris and Bruce’s motivation.

    And I especially want to thank my drumming community…
    I look forward to thanking you all personally!!!

    Onward and Upward…


    September 16th, 2023

    I have been asked to give a health update…

    My recent scan showed the cancer has returned and has grown a little. But it has not spread. I am continuing with chemo to slow it down. Down 60 pounds but trying to eat and walk to build energy.

    I celebrated my 70th birthday with students, family and friends flying in from 9 countries and 12 states. It was a beautiful day seeing all and receiving hugs.

    SABIAN announced a mentorship/scholarship in my name. And are making the Dominator cymbal.
    I am overwhelmed, humbled, honored and overjoyed!
    Get involved with the mentorship to help grow our industry.

    I ask all to be kind, open minded, compassionate and concerned for other people. This request I know will lift me and move the world to a better place.

    Be well, happy and smile…

    Onward and Upward...


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