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    1937 12X14 Dupont Color (DUCO) tom
    Decent playable condition. Some gouges and scratches here and there... nothing huge.
    The tag is messed up but still visible. This tag was only used for a few weeks so it's a bit of a rarity. Conn owned the Ludwig name at the time. When William F. Ludwig launched William F. LUDWIG drums... Conn threatened a lawsuit. Mr. Ludwig came back with ' he can't sue if I use my inirials'.
    WFL drums were born!

    I'm looking for a Gretsch 9x13 tom ... preferably early 60s but anywhere in the 60s round-badge era ( late 69 is when Gretsch switched to StopSign badges). A shell with no extra holes please. The finish has to be damaged enough that it would have to be replaced.

    My drum has Zephyr lugs and a
    tacked resonant head.

    For detailed photos please email me at

    Thank you,

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