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Thread: my beginner lessons - no kit needed (videos inside)

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    nutha jason Guest

    Default my beginner lessons - no kit needed (videos inside)

    here are a series of right from the start lessons i've put on my site. the real drumming basics. probably not needed by anyone here on this forum but please show them to your mates so they can learn.

    let me know what you think.


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    Very impressive, Jason!

    Looking forward to exploring the website more closely, mate!
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    Nice from you jason....
    My Kit :
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    10" WUHAN S series Splash
    16" ZHT EFX
    17" Stagg China
    P122 Double bass pedal

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    Well done Jason! I just turned on my daughter and her husband to drumming on their visit with me. They loved getting behind my kit, and they both demonstrated good rhythm, so I bought them a practice pad, and each a pair of sticks to go home with. I will email them this link. I'm sure it will help them feel good about their ability.
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    nice dude
    play till the day i die. it makes more sense that way.

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    nutha jason Guest


    here's the next installment

    let me know what you think etc.


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    Sweet, the best thing I liked was your philosophy on learning and comparing it to Lego.
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    nutha jason Guest



    i don't know what i ate that day.


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