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Thread: uhh help again

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    Default uhh help again

    I was just wondering if there was such thing as triplets on the bass drum and if there is how to do it

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    James, you can do it with one foot but it takes being on an advanced level. Your best bet is to get a double pedal and learn it on there. Just don't overuse the double bass like many drummers do. Play for the song.
    - Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by james
    I was just wondering if there was such thing as triplets on the bass drum and if there is how to do it
    tripples are extremly difficult on a single bass pedal until you`ve built up the muscles needed play it .I`d go against the idea of getting a doulble pedal til you can play`em on a single though or you`ll hamper your progression .I used a double pedal and can`t play tripples on one foot which i wish i`d taken the time to learn and develop better leg muscles .but if you`re always going to have a double bass pedal i guess it doesn`t matter ,but i`d learn it on a single.

    there`s lots of different ways of doing it .i.e heal up ..heel down ...heel toe ..but all take a lot of practice to get proficiant at it .Heel down is probably the easiers way but will lack in power and will hurt your legs to start with .

    just keep at it ,start of slow and play 8th notes one the hh and 1/2 notes on the snare .then play triplets on the bass pedal for each beat .start at like 80 bpm and work your way up (if you have a metropnome ...if you haven`t YOU SHOULD)

    let us all know how you getting on !!


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    thanks for the advice i'll try it


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