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    Hello Everyone,

    Here are some pics of my custom pearl kit. It's a Professional DLX Birch Kit that I had refinished by HJC Customs USA (Michigan). It used to be a tacky blue color. I got it refinished in high gloss piano black lacquer, and got all new black hardware for the shells. Enjoy!

    Drums: Pearl Professional DLX Birch Modified by HJC Customs USA

    22x16 Bass Drum
    13X11 Tom
    16x16 Floor Tom
    13x6.5 Joey Jordison Signiature Snare

    Cymbals: Zildjian

    14in Z Custom Mastersound Hihats
    18in Z Custom Rock Crash x 2
    18in Z Custom Medium Crash
    18in Z Custom China
    20in Z Custom Ride

    Hardware: Tama Iron Cobra Pedals & Hihat Stand

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    shame we can`t see it ....

    you need to put [img][/im$] round the links for the pics . (change the $ to a g)

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