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    Ok looked around for anything that would possibly give information but I can't find anything. ok I'm 17 and have been playing for about 4 years but I was recently in a band, and it was for the worst. I hardely ever played my drums because they were at the practice spot, so I just left the band. and I still haven't played much because I haven't had sticks etc. and been busy wit school and sports. you guys honest thoughts on do you think taking this much time off with hurt me and me not be as good as I could be?

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    Taking time off is only bad if you never come back to drumming.....

    Of course daily practice makes you a better drummer but taking a little time off isn't going to hurt much. You have to do what you have to do, just make sure you come back to it....... If you don't, the next thing you know, 10 years will pass by and you'll be kicking yourself in the arse because you gave up drumming.......

    So to answer your question, no, taking a little time off with not hurt your drumming. I have found that it's quite like riding a bike, once back on it seems like you've been riding for years

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    I concur. Jump back on those drums and kick some booty!

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    You know I took twenty years off. Sure I lost a few chops in those years. But it made me a much more seasoned player. I looked at music from a different perspective, and more mature perspective. before it was about flash and drawing attention to myself "hey look at me" sort of thing, now it is solely about the music and what is best for the groove and other players. So the time away acutally made me a better player once I worked out the bugs of being away from the kit for those years. You may find a whole new perspective from your time off. I don't advocate doing what I did though. I really wish that I could have productivly used those years. I think to myself how much better I would have been had I not stopped playing for maybe nineteen of those years anyway.

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    Sometimes when I walk away from something for a while, I am actually better when I come back. I think it gives you time to empty your mind and get out of any little ruts you may be stuck in.

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    just consider it your offseason

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