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    Hello again drummers,

    I have to questions for you:

    1.) Does the place where the batter hits the bass drum affect the sound when using muffles? if yes, where is it the best position for you? Dead center, up, right, low left?

    2.) Wood snare drum users, how much importance do you give to your wood of choice? Are you happy with the current wood or would you change it to make your kit sound better?

    3.) Hihats, do you play them with your pedal frequently (opening, marking tempo, etc.), or you rather crash them more (leaving them opened)?

    I ask this because I think these are the most played pieces when playing a song, using hi, mid and low sound. Im trying to get a better sound from my kit and decided to spend some extra € on my snare (which im going to use for LOOOOONG) and for my hats (stand).

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    ThePloughman Guest


    Beater impact point about 1-2 inches above center....... 1 on the 18, 2 on the 24, The Twenty is about 1.5 above center.

    I have some very good maple snare drums in varying depths, theres really no reason to change something that sounds super good.

    How the Hats get played is really determined by what should fit that particular point of the song.

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    Good answer ploughman, I agree with you and really have nothing more to add other than support.

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    hmmm, thanks for the answer ploughman, but i was looking more for personal tastes, not asking whether is right or wrong.

    question 3, is more like what you prefer, not what you need.

    I just like to see what other drummers do with their kit or how they prefer to play this specific pieces, to have different ideas...

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    ThePloughman Guest


    Those are my preferences.

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    1.) I don't muffle the bass drum; beater usually hits near center

    2.) I think different woods make for a slight variations in tone, but I find heads to make the biggest difference. I've collected snares made of various woods and metals, and sometimes the tonal characteristics aren't as widely varied as you'd expect. I find tuning and head choice are just as important. My present favs are birch and hand-hammered bronze.

    3.) I don't crash the hats open too often, but as Ploughman said that's pretty much a function of the music. I definitely expect great response from my pedal, as I do use it a lot (marking time, 'snatches,' barks, etc.)
    I always liked Budgie's work w/ Siouxsie or the Creatures, and in many songs he doesn't ride the hats at all with his sticks, he keeps fast 8ths going with his foot and that's something I try to incorporate now and then.

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    1) Beater at the center (maybe a little above)
    2) Birch and maple is the wood for drums
    3) I agree with Ploughman (it depends of the style of music and the song)
    Keep On Drumming

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    yeh, question 3 should be different :/

    but hey, thanks for the replies. I just got my new snare drum and i like the sound that Birch produces

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