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Thread: Considering a new kit.

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    Default Considering a new kit.

    Hey, whats up I have a pearl export a very good classic kit but it was my uncles, which still I admit awesome kit but I am looking to buy my own kit something newer and a bit bigger, just wondering what kind of kit you guys think would be best for me? My style is hard and fast I am very aggressive, and want something with a warm dampend sound I think pearl masters series is good but just curious on your thoughts thank you.


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    If you can go Pearl Masters series, I say go for it!!! I'm a Gretsch Catalina Maple guy, and I can certainly recommend that kit, but I wouldn't blame you for going for the Masters!!
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    do you have a price range

    and pb is right if you can go masters, well you cant get much better

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    If you have the money for a DW then go for it, or else, Mapex Pro M, the best quality at this price
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    Dont listen to what PB , C-Can or Saturn said . ( chuckle , chuckle ) Pearl is just an OK type of set , if you want a good set buy yourself a nice set of Ludwigs . j/k guys........guess you can tell I like something different .

    What ever you end up getting , as long as its a set of drums you still doing good , as long as you like them . Good luck .



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