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Thread: Alesis Control Pad for live triggering

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    Default Alesis Control Pad for live triggering

    Greetings all,
    I recently bought an Alesis control pad from a friend and am thinking of incorporpating this into my acoustic set - primarily just to trigger some aux percussion inst sounds from time to time when playing live.

    Does anyone have any experience with such a setup? At this point, I'm thinking of using a dedicated laptop - through a direct box - and into the board for this since the control pad is a trigger device only and has no standard audio outputs of it's own.

    As for the software, I am still struggling with that. I've seen some demos of some of the BFD stuff. It's good, but expensive and has way more than I need for what I am doing.

    Any advice or guidance is appreciated!

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    ive wanted to do this to trigger an 808 bass hit forever
    i just have so much other stuff to fund first
    let me know how it turns out please =]
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    I am interested in doing some of the same kinds of things but have not really looked into it yet. I will be interested as well to see how it comes out.

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