I have the 50's silver interior Gretsch 12" Tom (I had another thread the other day. I just identified it in Rob Cook's "Ludwig Book", page 212) that is a Ludwig and Leedy tom mount ( see page 212) was installed at the factory to my Gretsch tom. I say factory installed as those are the only holes ! No 4 holes for a diamond plate. In fact, a diamond plate couldn't fit those 2 out of the 4 holes if it wanted to- the boring distance is too close.

Has anyone seen this before ?
Was it offered in a early fifities Gretsch catalog as an option - meaning did Walberg and Auge produce them too ?

Dating assistance perhaps:The tom muffler brackets inside are a thicker gauge than the 60's and 70's mufflers too.

My pictures are too big to post.
Gretsch fans- HELP !