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    Hello everyone. I'm new to drumming (To be exact i've just read up about some fact pages about names of a basic drumset and only ever really messed around for awhile) and i'd really like some tips on how to play a song for a talent show. I literally have zero to no experience with using actual drums (even though I can 'air' drum, pathetic I know).

    So basically, here's the question and situation i'm in.

    I've been asked to join a band for a talent show, as stated above and have no experience and roughly 5 months to practise for a song (Probably Red Flag by Billy Talent) I only need to know that one song which has a really fast, up beat opening with the bass pedal and either tom toms or the snare. (Opening Beat goes "bass, bass, snare snare, bass bass, snare snare")

    I need to know how to improve my speed through possibly an action I can simply practise anywhere (Mainly for the bass drum, my feet are slow), and once again endurance because i'm looking at a 3: 36 song length here.

    Other parts of the song will have to come through practise over time (Dang I respect all you accomplished and even fairly new but able to play drummers for all the hard work you've put in) I only have a guesstimation of 5 months to practise in with my band which won't be ever day (Not entirely sure) i'm sketchy about the whole thing seeing that it's a fairly hard song to learn for a novice like me but everyone has to start somewhere.

    Any ideas as to 'stage fright' also? Example, when I present in class I shake, the talent show will be held in a sea of people in our schools gymnaisim. (I'm in grade 11).
    I need to try and focus up there and do my job if I do except this challenge and that'll probably only happen by ignoring the crowd/ rarely looking at them so I can just play what i've learned in the alloted time.

    If anyone wants to give some valid comments (I know people like to play tricks on the new guy lol) as to maybe help these things along and improve on stage fright and the likes, or heck even by chance know the song and have pointers for learning it please let me know. Personally, i'm not sure I can pull this off but I don't want to disappoint my friends for the opportunity.


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    My advice to you is:
    about the complexity of the song, you dont have to play it just like the original song, you can play it as simple as you want. Another thing you can do is take your music (if you read music and have a written part for the song) to someone that gives drum lessons, and have them help you.

    As for the stage fright, I think all you can really do is practice drumming in front of crowds, start small and work your way up, or if you dont want to do that, imagine everyone in their underwear... works for me
    Good luck!!
    -Leslie (aka Lezzle..)

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    Heh thanks it helps a bit but I don't think i'll have much of a 'work up to a crowd' going for me lol, maybe just have my band watching I was thinking of more or less just watching my drums for the 3 minutes but whatever. I hope they'll have our gyms lights off that helps a bit without faces gazing at me. I may not be entertaining but I hope it will at least sound nice by the end of my 'training'.

    As for the writing and composing new parts, or going to see an instructor thats pretty much out of the question. Can't read music yet (Not sure if i'll ever learn) and I definately can't get lessons because well, i'll be honest - the funds aren't there i'd take them if I could :D!

    My band just wants the song played really I think i'm only really looking for quick and easy solutions (which in the end won't help but it's always a hope) to get better I know practice is the ultimate solution but i'm thinking theres something else I can do physically without drums (I go over it in my head with the song playing) i'm still even picking it over trying to get the right beats into my head - haven't picked up sticks yet but I plan to do that next week.

    After I pick up a pair of drum sticks and try it all i'm going to try and create a simplified sheet music like page of where I have to hit just by names so I can learn those and hopefully memorize it to a certain extent or at least know certain parts to the song.

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    Hi Matt and welcome to the group. Hey man, no one's gonna play any tricks on you. Ha!

    Hey, I might be able to offer some advice but are you saying that you will or will not have access to a drumset to practice on for 5 months?
    - Tom

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    I probably will have access to drums at least once a week during those 5 months (I'm not sure, probably more than even 2-3 but it's a guess in worst-case scenario's)

    So yeah, i'll have access.

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    You will probably not have time to learn all those kick drum parts in that short of time, they are probably done with with a double pedal.( If you do congratulations you are going to be a really good drummer.) I would break down all the parts of the song and then simplify the drum parts, maybe only using one or two limbs if need be to keep the song from sounding messy. EX:

    INTRO/CHORUS(vocals & drums only then distorted guitars)- you could do it using just foor tom and snare if you cant get your kick going

    VERSE-the guitars kick in with that changly clean sound, notice the kick drum follows the rhytm of the guitars exactly. You probably wont be able to do this so you might want to play just the high hat and the snare and try to add in a straight beat with your kick if you can. Also play these changly parts lighter than you just played the intro to keep the dynamics of the song in tact.

    BRIDGE-the song slows down when he says "the red flag women....." just hit your snare and crash symbols ie: CRASH " the red flag ..." SNARE "the red flag..." then there is a slight pause

    CHORUS- much like the intro this time play your right hand on one of your crash symbols fast like you would on your high hat playing just a straight beat, this will add drama to go along with the distorted guitars in this part

    VERSE-(changly guitars) same as before

    BRIDGE- same as before

    STOP/INSTRO/ other bridge- start back up just using your kick if you can or floor tom if you cant then switch to regular beat then when he is done saying " we dont need them we dont need them" the guitars stop and you go back into the intro beat
    -then right after that back into the chorus beat for the rest of the song

    I hope this helps and does not just create more confusion for you. The important thing to remember, if you are going to play this show on such short notice, is the parts of the song and just make up simple drum parts that work for you that go along with the parts in the song. When I was starting out I used to have a sheet i could look at while I was playing that had all my parts written on it. And rember if you mess up just say you couldent hear anything out of you monitor HA HA HA.

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    Here's my new side of me speaking:


    I may try that, thanks. Hopefully though i'll be able to play the whole song through so that it sounds exact, i'm going to have trouble whereas say, (During the refrain of the song) i'm following a rhythm with the bass and snare/ tom toms and I have to use a cymbal/ crash/ hihat, any suggestions on how to improve on that? Or as I get used to the beat will I be able to slowly incorporate this aswell?

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    Lightbulb New, Too New

    Hey, Matt...

    You have a challenge ahead of you--but take it one step at a time.

    Drummer's question about how often you can practice with a set makes a huge difference...the more time you can practice with your buddies, the better. (That helps reduce the stage fright, too)

    "Kick," on a drumset, refers to the bass part (what you play with the bass pedal). In bigrrockdale's description, a "straight beat" refers to 1-2-3-4 (I am assuming the song is in 4/4 time--four beats per measure, each quarter note equals one beat--so, while you're playing with the snare and high-hat, your right foot is layin' down a steady 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4...).

    "Monitor"? Some bands have a monitor set up so you can hear what you and/or the other guys are playing, so you don't play too loud or too soft.

    If you and your classmates are working to "get the song played," I hope they aren't expecting a note-for-note rendition of the original recording...but again, work on it one step at a time.

    BTW, 5B sticks are the size to use for something like this...check with your drum shop for the ones that work best.

    Besides, you'll find a lot of solid help around here...we may kid around occasionally, man, but we take our drumming seriously!
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    Still new to timings and notes but yeah thanks It helps explain it a lot, I doubt we'll have monitors up there on stage, i've posted on another forum (It's more of a gaming forum) and some of my friends off there have confidence that I can do it with 5 months time. I sure hope so, though if I don't notice a slight difference in my ability to play 3 percussions at once then i'll probably drop from the band (Ex: Bass, Snare and Crash/ High-Hat while carrying a beat).

    I can improve on the 3 percussions at once (Such as where a refrain for the song would be played) idea by just going over it say at home without the drums by mock-playing it correct?
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    welcome to the group! ..yea you can improve buy just sitting around "air drumming" its a good idea to do this anyways ...example: you watch tv for 3 hrs a day doing absoulty nothing except watching to tv... but say you practice single double or triple beat rolls in that time while watching tv... theres three hours of practice right there..
    also if this is in a gym dont expect to sound world class anyways cause you get some horrid echos in there ... i was doing a 1-2-3-4 bass part (on my first gig) and sounded like i was going balistic on the double bass
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