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    Unfortunatly the guitar players in my band have decided they want to do an acoustic set. Anybody have any Ideas of what the drummer should do/ use. IE: what type of kit, skin tensions, sticks or whatever? This poor old rocker is at a loss.

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    your set can stay the same....just play very quietly and keep the beats very simple...a very popular thing to do is instead of hitting the snare like normal, lay your stick on the head with the shoulder of the stick laying across the rim of your snare and then just tap the rim of the snare quietly when ever you would normally hit the snare.....and stick to the hh mostly with just alittle ride when the dynamics go up a bit.....hope this helps

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    Default Playing with acoustic instruments

    Welcome, bigrrockdale!

    Utopia's suggestions are excellent. For an example of the rim work he's suggesting, try listening to "In My Room" from the Beach Boys...that "knock, knock, knock" sound you'll hear on the 2 and 4 beats is exactly what he's describing.

    Dynamics is the key. Since acoustic sets are not amplified, you don't need to play as hard as you would if everyone's amped up to 11.

    If you have brushes or Hot Rods, you can use those to help keep the beats quieter, too. And if you play hand percussion, you can try playin' the bongos and/or congas on some of the songs as again, simpler is better!

    BTW, some of those "poor ol' rockers" are still rockin' today, eh?
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    I was going to say Hot Rods too. The best for low volume situations. Or anything with a brush sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blgrrockdale
    This poor old rocker is at a loss.
    Just tell them you want to cover "Beth"

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    Utopia and bongobro both have the right ideas (the same that I was going to say). When my old metal band played at an acoustic night, all I brought was a tambourine and one of those "egg" shakers. (We only did some ballads).
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    Wink playing with acoustic instuments

    I would use brushes and rimshots depending on the song selection. and to acoustics can be miced and ran though your mixer board.

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    Brushes...You'll love 'em. Blastics will do the job, but brushes are a whole new way of playing...try it. It will open up a new world to your instrument.

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