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Thread: How do you hear/count Bonham's intro to rock and roll?

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    Default How do you hear/count Bonham's intro to rock and roll?


    First Post here.I'm a bass player and i recently had a conversation with somebody about this.

    How do you hear the drum intro to rock and roll? More importantly do you have any knowledge of how Bonzo intended it.

    I have 2 ways I can wrap my ears around it.

    4 bars of 4 with a Pick up of 3/8 notes. This Puts the second snare drum on One a makes a Simple 4 bar phrase.This is very clear once you get around not hearing the first notes as one

    Or.........2 bars of 4,1 bar of 7/8,1 bar of 4,1 bar of 2/4

    This makes a more complex yet still very musical way to hear it.This is the first way I l looked at it (for years) because I assume the first beats one.



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    Default Re: Nutha Jason was supposed...

    to transcribe this intro for me, but I guess he got too busy or forgot. This video is close, but doesn't have that same feel to me. Nutha are out there?

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