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    Can anyone recommend a good practice schedule that can lead to steady progress and be done within a limited time?

    I've been playing the drums for a few months now and realise that I'm not making the most of my drumming time. Due to other commitments (work, family etc.) I have only around 40 minutes a day to practice and what I need guidance on is what I should be doing during those 40 minutes to make maximum progress.

    I've searched this forum for information and the recomendations are to do rudiments, 4-way independence exercises, fills, grooves and speed exercises to improve timing and stamina. Also to play along with a metronome or with guitar pro songs. The problem is that there is simply not enough time to cover everything.

    So can anyone suggest what I should be playing every day and for how long? And how can other necessary skills be fitted in and built over the week?

    Many thanks,


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    Hey DP , I would suggest drum rolls.......for as long as you can stand it with-out getting board . Do them soft and gradually get a little louder ,do them on the outer edge of the head and work your way towards the center . This is a good way to get your wrists to loosen up . Im sure others will chime in with more suggestions . Good luck .

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    40 minutes a day is not a lot but, if that's all that you have ...then you might want to schedule a different routine for each day you practice. Day 1, work on stick control with single and double stroke rolls. Day 2, devote to particular rudiments that you wish to strengthen. Day 3, play warm ups around the drum kit so that you get used to set-up and fluidity of playing. Day 4, practice particular drum patterns...Rock, funk, Latin etc. decide. Day 5, just play for your own enjoyment. Take a day or two off to recoup and, perhaps, to watch some drum instructional DVD that would support your current level and progress. The one thing that causes the most frustration for many beginning drummers is not knowing how to focus on a single can't go everywhere at once. And the best advice of all...find a teacher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiacovaz View Post
    And the best advice of all...find a teacher.

    A teacher will hold you accountable as well as keep you focused by identifying and working on your strengths and weaknesses respectively.
    Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive. - Rush

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