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Thread: Bass Drum Help Plz :(

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    Exclamation Bass Drum Help Plz :(

    (first post on here)

    OK basically what it is, is my bass drum doesnt sound very deep, at the moment, i the front head has a hole in the middle of it and iv got some kinda laundry shoved in there...

    But if i was to buy, say an Evans clear or a Remo pinstripe head, but it make the sound of the bass deeper as theres no hole, like would it be a damper sound, and would i need to fill the drum with laundry?

    because if when you put a holeless drum head on your bass drum, there is no need for laundry in it to dampen it, i could have a clear head on it which i think would look pretty cool...

    Help me out guys!

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    What bassdrum is it? size/make etc
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    Default Re: Bass Drum Help Plz :(

    What is your batter head?

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    in my experience ported or no port will make no difference for the laundry situation. i like that term by the way lol! evans emad or aquarian superkicks have dampening (laundry) built into the batter and they even have resnos that have dampening built into them. i've heard several people that have not had to use any additional (laundry) when using these systems.

    and welcome to the forum!

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    I'd like to know the size and location of the port on your front head. In the interrum, here's two things to try.

    First, you are going to loosen both of your current heads until you can move them around or in tech terms unseat them. Start with the Reso or Front head. So you will need to take any mounted toms off and remove the bass drum pedal. Set the bass drum batter side down/reso side up.

    Loosen all the lugs so you can unseat the head. Finger tighten all the lugs until they won't turn with your fingers. In a cross pattern, tighten each lug one full turn. Place your hands in the center of the drum palms down one on top of the other. Gently push straight down in the center to initiate seating of the head. Give each lug a second half turn and repeat the seating process. Tap any lug about an inch from the edge with the drum key. You are looking for a low thud, just barely ringing and just to where you barely can see a wrinkle or two. If you still hear more paper than thud tune each lug a quarter turn and repeat. You only want a very low thud and nothing more. Next, test each lug position and ensure all lugs are tuned to the same pitch. (low)

    Once you've achieve that, repeat the entire process with the batter head. If you have sustain when done, you may have over tightened. Be aware you want them very loose but not paper sounding or full of wrinkles. You can now make fine tune adjustments of quarter or eighth turns to get desired pitch.

    Stand the drum upright and reinstall your pedal. Check out the tone. Be sure you don't have any "laundry" in the drum either.

    If you still don't like the tone, you may want to try different heads. My easiest quick and dirty way to an acceptable bass drum tone was going with an Aquarian Superkick II batter and ported matching Reso. From there, you can experiment with other brands or models of heads as your pocket book allows.
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    Good stuff from Bish right there.

    I quit using extra laundry in my basses years ago. The right head selection and tuning will get you the sound you need without that. Personally I like the Aquarian Regulator with the offset 4" hole for the reso head. As for batters, I've always liked the SuperKick II on my friend's kits. I've had good luck with the SuperKick I on my set now and the Remo clear PS3 in the past.

    As for the port hole in the front head, you don't have to have one. I'm currently not using one and my drums sound great. Having the port hole makes it easier for the sound guy to mic your bass at gigs. It gives the drum some different characteristics too, but it really makes mic'ing a lot easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quikstang2 View Post
    Good stuff from Bish right there.

    The right head selection and tuning will get you the sound you need without that.

    ditto...got an evans eq2 on the resonant..it has a small mesh area on the skin for mike placement...no hole...and eq4 on the batter...just personal...the main thing is the skins...the right ones and you can put the clothes back in your closet.

    laundry=no tone in your bass drum.
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    Powerstoke 3 on the batter & reso with a 4" port offset works for me.
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