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Thread: Building A Fast Samba Rhythm?

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    Default Building A Fast Samba Rhythm?

    Anyone have any tips for building a fast samba? I need to get it up to about 150 bpm (half note). I'm talking about ride cymbal on 1 & ah 2 & ah /bass drum on ah 1 ah 2/ hh on &'s.. and left hand comping.... you know. Do you think it's best to play it slower at 100 bpm for maybe an hour every day, or to try to strech myself immediately? Also, I do use the heel toe for the bass drum which is supposedly the best for this constant samba. The thing is the faster I go above 100, I seem to lose control and comping becomes difficult... Any ideas much appreciated.
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    Mix it up. Play slow and controlled first and foremost. From there, work on speed but be sure to keep it clean. If you start to mess up, do not continue or you will learn it sloppy.

    What always helped me is to pick a tune to play with that is just fast enough that you can barely keep up. Use that as a goal. Then when you get comfortable with that tempo, pick another song to take it to another level. I've seen guys play sambas at blazing speed with traditional heel up foot technique.
    - Tom

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    well. im not very good at those but i tend to just go crazy and do anything while using Mutes on the snare and rim shots

    it makes more of a feel to it
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    Drummer hit it (no pun intended!) with his suggestions...but I would also suggest mixing up the tempo now and then. It's like "breaking in" a don't start it and floor the accelerator immediately--if you do you run the risk of not only learning it sloppy, but you also have to work harder to unlearn the sloppy stuff. Work for the fast rhythm, but it's also a good idea to be able to slow down and speed up without rushing or stumbling over the beat. Repetition + control are the keys here...
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    Thanks all for your suggestions... repitition and control seems to be the main theme! I got up to 101 today... whew! I'll let you know how it goes... if in 2 weeks I can play comfortably at 125, I will be happy with that progress.
    On a side note, this goal I have is seriously putting my technique in check, for example, I noticed my grip on the sticks sliding down... must keep the thumb and index finger tighter then, huh?

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