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    Default Definitions??

    I need some help, i've been reading articles on how to read drum tab i've printed off for Nirvana, my band switched songs, anywho, can someone help me out and explain/ how to's on what the following terms are?

    Click Hi-Hat with foot

    Source is: Here

    Thanks to anyone who helps.

    Also, if anyone has any tips on actually drumming Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" please by all means, reply (I'm new so please try to keep the terms simple ).

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    "click hi-hat with foot" = push your hi-hat pedal just like you do with your bass drum pedal.
    "accent" = hit just that note harder/louder then the rest of them.
    "flam" = basically, hit the drum it calls for with both sticks at the same time, one harder then the other-but at the same time. That's the basic jist of a flam. You need to see it done to understand it better. (There's a difference in the hight of each stick before and after the note is played).
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    yeah its hard to explain a flam, pretty much what i do is hit hard with my left hand but you're right hand follows and hits like the millisecond after that. they have to be very very close, but not at the exact same time. and make sure you dont "buzz" or roll on the first hit, or have any rebound at all, cuz then it would be a ruff. (if thats how u spell it..) but i guess a ruff would work.. but being specific, theres a difference.. this is soo hard to explain.. go to a drum website and find a video of it.. lol this is harder than i thought
    -Leslie (aka Lezzle..)

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    Thanks guys. Going in today to see if I can drum it via, tabs. Wish me luck.

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    Leslie's right. In a flam, the second note follows the first by just a hair. You can eventually control this too. In latin and jazz music, drummers will often play what's called 'wide flams'. You simply separate the distance b/t the two strokes that much more. It's a great effect!

    Matt, if you're not aware of it, check out the Drum Tabs Database. It points to all of the free drumtabs songs/sites out there on the net.
    - Tom

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    Tee hee, thanks. I have my Nirvana song tabbed already, but couldn't hurt to learn more.

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