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    I wanted to know everyone's techniques - learnt from other famous drummers e.g. heel/toe technique and that cool thing where you hit the cymbal bottom to top (like double strokes on the cymbals) as well as those that you may have creatively achieved that you feel not many other drummers know about, this can be cool showmanship techniques, chops, interesting patterns etc. that could be considered to be a part of the new innovative techniques being brought to the table by modern drummers

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    I have some innovative things that I've invented for myself and haven't heard any other drummers play. I'm always happy to share them. Here's one of my favorites. It may be difficult to explain in text, but I'll try:

    Start with your left hand on the snare and play alternated eighth note triplets. Put the accent on every 4th beat (creating a 3 over 12 pattern). Now, put the bass drum on beat 1, the HH on the "and", 2 more BD's on "uh-two", HH on "and"...and then keep repeating this over and over (between the left HH foot and the bass drum, it creates a phrasing of 5's underneath the triplets).

    Start the left hand and the bass drum together on beat one to begin the pattern. It may take awhile for you to get this smooth because it's difficult to play over triplets. In fact, you may want to learn it over 16th's first and then move it to triplets later.

    I'll try to put this on video and post it. I just don't have a lot of time on my hands these days so it may take awhile.
    - Tom

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    heh i was learning to play the emerald by thin lizzy and the opening line was woopin' my bum with stamina cause i cant play really fast for very long so i got the bright idea to play it with one stick! just grip your stick about midways ..the fulcrum is your thumb over your ring and your middle finger and play on the hi hats back and forth with both ends of the stick pull the stick closer (or farther, just depends) to you so both ends of the stick hit the edge of your hats... i find it easy to matain 32nds on hats now you can do it on your ride to but im haveing trouble figureing out how to do it on the toms and snare tho' if you know where i can find a video of a 1handed snare roll post the link cause i read about them and their where i got the idea i just cant figure out how to do it by just reading it a visual learner... hope this helps!
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