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    so i have been playing for about three years, i have had to teachers and neither one put alot of emphasis on songs, lots of beats, tempo, rudiments and about 4 songs so far, but they werent very hard ones.

    Back in black, thunderstruck, Kashmire, and parts of songs and what not. and a couple Rockband songs (becuase its easy to play with the tv)

    I Am not sure what songs to play, I have come to realize that songs are alot different then other playing.

    Please tell me some songs that you suggest for someone who hasnt played very many songs, but has played for a few years now

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    I think you should play the ones you really like. Use your ear to pick out what is going on. Hopefully the songs you like are not polyrhythmic and nearly impossible to play. You should have some songs in your head that you could learn. I usually go through my cd collection and just pick out cds. I see if anything seems like I can play, if not put it aside. The more you learn, the better you can adapt to playing with others. Sounds like you got the building blocks down.

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    From the very first lesson I ever had, my teacher told me to put on whatever record I liked and practice keeping "Time" to it. As I progressed, I simply played whatever I could find and played to that. With 3 years of lessons under your belt and lot of beats you should be able to play along with all sorts of songs. You don't need a teacher telling you what songs to play to and what not to play. Use what you know about playing drums and have a ball playing to whatever it is you have.

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    take 5. I shot the sheriff. blue bossa. cold shot. run to the hills. I feel fine.
    there u go, a varied mix. also look up some stuart copeland of the police.

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