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Thread: LP Black Ash Congas--Aspires in Disguise???

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    Cool LP Black Ash Congas--Aspires in Disguise???

    If you've followed LP for any length of time, you almost need a scorecard to tell which line is which. Such was the case when I visited Guitar Center to look around (and compare a few notes) and discovered a pair of LP Black Ash conga drums...

    The reason I'm being specific as to the color is that, according to the salesman, it is a new model. The Black Ash models are--obviously--made of ash stained a semi-gloss black, with a big round LP logo up front. What amazed me was that the salesman asked me a question that blew my mind: "Do you think they cost too much?"

    I tuned them up and played them before I could come up with an answer. The shells and rims are typical LP quality, and the workmanship was top-notch as always. The 11 3/4" conga and 12 1/2" tumba sounded great--obviously not as good as say a set of Giovanni Hidalgos , but they sounded as good as any LPs I've played through the years.

    The only sour note was the price posted for both congas and stand: $599.95 at Guitar Center. I played them--and, of all things, I played a set of LP Aspires that are identical to the ones my brother conguero pastor_bob plays nowadays. (Take a look at his set in "Show Us Your Drums!" if you want to see the color scheme.)

    The new LPs didn't sound much different, or much better, than the Aspires! The only major difference between the Aspires and the LPs was the skins. The LPs had thicker skins which felt good when I was playing and sounded a little richer than the skins on the Aspires. However, a good tune-up on both sets would have made little difference. And the Aspires were on sale for nearly $200 less.

    LP's lower-priced lines (Matador, which became CP, which is now Aspire) were once of noticeably lower quality than the LP line (the basic line, not the Artists, Patato or other more expensive models). That difference has been all but eliminated. Unless you like the finish--or just have to have that BIG round LP logo on stage--I'd go with the Aspires.
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    Default Re: LP Black Ash Congas--Aspires in Disguise???

    It's nice to know that my congas are a decent quality compared with the big people's congas! LOL Seriously, I appreciate the review BB.
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