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    Can any members out there give their opinion on an Argent drum set .

    Ive never heard of them . I do know theyre made in Salt Lake City ,only a couple style offered ,but they are a 6 ply mahogany wood shell .

    These look similar to a Ludwig Acsent kit , entry level but well constructed .If anyone has seen or heard about these I would appreciate a review . Maybe you know someone who had these .

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    never heard of them!!

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    Me either rat ,was just hoping for a member to give me a review , good or bad .

    I saw one used ,but in very good shape ,5 pc set with BD pedal , throne hi-hat and a cymbal for 75 bucks .

    My nefew just started taking lessons ,thought it would be good for him and the price was right , so right that it was gone within 24 hours . Oh well better luck next time .

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    GF I picked up a tom"with stand" i found on craigs today the argent seems like a perfictly fine entry level drum I cant really say much not nowing much about them or drums for that matter. the stand ended up being a cymbal stand not a drum stand but thats ok I dont have any cymbal stands. the drum mount seems really light weight a little lighter than my cb700 mounts but it doesnt have anything saying it is argent so it might be some other company. there is a weird reinforcing ring on the inside of the tom(see picture) that I havent seen before but maybe I just havent looked for it.

    I know its not much but I try to share what I can and I know this thread is a year old but I can finally post some information about something lol.
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    Thanks for sharing TT.........I forgot all about this thread at first but remember the set very well .

    I should have just made a 5o $ offer on that set and took it home . My brother in law said the same thing to me ........said he was really surprised I just didnt buy it first and then call him .

    Ive been keeping my eyes open for aniother set like that . Would have been a perfect starter set for him to bang on .
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