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    I have had these pedals for about 3 months and this weekend I took them out gigging for the very first time.

    I had only used them at home a few minutes at a time and really hadn't had any time to tweak them. So in about the 3rd set on Friday night I started to realize that the springs were seeming to weaken. I think as it turned out my legs and feet were warming up and the pedal was loosening up.

    I ended up having to tighten the springs a bunch and really got some nice action out of them. They are smooth, precise and very responsive to my heel/toe way of playing. I found speed and comfort with nothing more than tightening the spring a couple of turns.

    For an under $200 double pedal, you can't go wrong with this purchase. The twin chain is very durable and I don't notice any better motion with straps than what this pedal can deliver. The beaters can be set for either felt or hard plastic. With an Aquarian Superkick II and matching ported front reso, this pedal delivers punch, power and a heartstopping thud everyone likes.

    I also find it is very easy to attach to the hoop as the tightener is off to the side and not underneath the foot board like other pedals. It even comes with its own drum key for setting up the double pedal attachment.

    All in all this was a well thought out pedal with quality and convenience and I don't know of another pedal of this capability for under $200.

    I highly recommend this pedal to purchasers of a double pedal requirement.

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    Yes the pearl & it are very much the same. Both great pedals

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    what happened to your mapex, or whichever one had the 3 different beaters?

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