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    hey i m new into drumming....abt 4 months and i just got my own kit...

    i wanna ask u pros one thing u guys learn a rhythm by its notes 1a 2a etc or do u hear how it is played and play it tht way....i have trouble keeping count so i play by tht a bad habit ??

    plz guide me

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    Hi Insane Drummer Sid and welcome to Drum Chat. Congratulations on being a new drummer! To answer your question, most drummers tend to pick things up by ear and then graduate to reading music and learning new rhythms that way. Both are recommended. Once you learn to read music, everything comes so much easier. You can pick up any drumming book or magazine, read the rhythm and just play it. I highly recommend private instruction with a "qualified" teacher. This will help propel you and steer you around bad habits that you might pick up otherwise.

    If you don't know about it already, check out Drum Bum's Free Drum Lessons database. There are hundreds of links to free drum lesson material. A lot of great stuff. Also check out There's over 1500 tips there for drummers!

    Good luck and I hope you'll be a regular contributing member to Drum Chat.
    Let us know if we can help with anything drum related. There are a lot of knowlegeble people here.
    - Tom

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    I have the exact same habit. I don't exactly listen to all the music, but mainly the bass and a little guitar. Also, there's a great book i read recently called 'Teach yourself Drums'. I have all sorts of count methods, grip, and everything else, while also teaching you how to read music at the same time.
    "Music is always an experiment."

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    thnx drummer and 13drummer

    i hv started taking private lessons from a pro drummer...and i will start trying to read music

    i think these forums will be very useful to me in the future

    thnx again

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    No problem man. Best wishes.
    "Music is always an experiment."

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    Cool Newbie Q

    Cool to hear you're taking lessons from a drummer says, most drummers pick it up by ear, but the "rudiments" are the building blocks that help you to read music and learn more complicated rhythms than you would by ear alone.

    It may be a little tougher at first, but learning to read music helps keep you from picking up bad habits that are hard as heck to unlearn...

    Welcome aboard, Insane Drummer Sid...truth is there's a little bit of madness in all of us drummers...we just channel it better than most others!
    keep the beat goin' ... Don't keep it to yourself!


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